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4. Wet towels, which is a more economical and practical method, put wet towels on the dashboard (not too wet), which can effectively reduce the temperature near the dashboard and avoid the temperature in the dashboard in the sun. so that the temperature in the car will not be very high, and it is more comfortable in the car.

There are many kinds of household heating equipment, namely, open radiator, warm and comfortable floor heating, small fast-heating small back basket. For the heating of the bathroom, the most important area of the home, there is an electric towel rack with simple installation and wide applicability. Some people say that “the electric towel rack is a newly renovated user,” while others scoff at this view, thinking that it is just a product that collects intelligent business tax. Whether this four-digit small household appliance is worth installing at home. Today, the editor will take a look at it with you.

mesh towel bag

There are so many miscellaneous things in the bathroom that it is really a technical job to collect them. The toilet with a small area is the most commonly used and indispensable functional space at home, in which there are not only bottles and cans used for washing and protection, but also trivial items such as all kinds of towels of the whole family, so the storage of the toilet has become an important thing in the home.

I have taken over a lot of mothers who have been tortured by violent lactation over the years. What impressed me was a particularly tough mother. When I was ready to check and evaluate my breasts, the mother said wait a minute. She took out a towel and bit it into her mouth and said, “come on,” as tragic as

3. Trichomonal vaginitis: Trichomonas trichomonas can maintain a certain vitality in the process of freezing and drying, and it also has a strong resistance in different concentrations of soapy water, so it is easy to spread. First, the source of infection must be eliminated. Regular screening and general treatment should be conducted, and the lovers of Trichomonas patients should also be diagnosed and treated. Second, put an end to the route of infection. Promote shower, change from sitting to squatting, do not rent swimming clothes and towels, etc.

mesh towel bag

Through this fire drill, I learned how to use the fire extinguisher, first shake it, and then “lift, pull, pull, press, spray”. If there is a fire in my home, first call the “119” fire alarm phone, then cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel and leave the fire in a squatting position. I hope to participate in more safety education in the future, so that I can gain more safety knowledge. ” Wang Linfei, a student at Mazhai Primary School in Danzhai County, said.

After receiving the departure notice, hospital leaders and relevant departments began to pack protective clothing, masks, goggles, toothbrushes, towels, socks, portable battery, hot water bags, and other supplies for the team members, allowing 10 team members to take the most sincere care of the cadres and workers of the whole hospital to the front line of fighting the epidemic.

After the baby falls asleep, the mother can put the clothes she wears next to the baby, or put something like a small towel or handkerchief in her arms for a while, and then put it next to the baby, so that the baby can smell the familiar smell.

mesh towel bag

After the zongzi is wrapped, my mother will put the zongzi one by one in a big pot with water, which is big enough to cook 30 or 40 zongzi at a time. Until the water overflowed a lot of zongzi, plus a heavy semicircular iron thick cover, there is a hole in the middle of the iron thick cover, which is used for outgassing, and the mother will usually plug it with a broken towel.

(1) in order to avoid heatstroke during the construction period, sunshades and rest rooms should be set up at the construction sites of each shift at the construction site, and each construction personnel should be provided with a towel in each rest area. The construction personnel should go back to the rest area every 2 hours to have a rest for 15 minutes to prevent unnecessary dangerous accidents. Ice cubes, tea, towels, anti-heat medicine, etc., in the lounge.