coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage

coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage

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Changshu Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D, production and sales of passenger car interior parts, including door guard, dashboard / sub dashboard, sunshade panel, coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage box, spare tire cover, carpet and sound insulation pad. After years of development, Changshu Auto Decoration has gradually become one of the main interior parts suppliers of automobile factories, and has formed a strong competitiveness in the middle and high-end product market, and established its own brand and industry status.

coat rack, door post, luggage compartment interior, storage

Not only that, the atmosphere lamp system of Tanyue X realizes the coverage of dozens of parts of interior decoration and exterior decoration. In terms of interior decoration, it uses up to 24 atmosphere lights, and users can adjust the brightness of interior atmosphere lights in dashboards, doors and other places through the MIB system. Among them, the dashboard and door trim atmosphere lamp 10 colors can be adjusted, according to different driving modes can automatically switch colors, and provide manual selection and closing function, the car atmosphere to create a free switch according to your mood. The instrument panel atmosphere lamp adopts horizontal curve design, which is full of flexible charm and full of sense of science and technology. Exterior decoration, including exterior rearview mirror floor lamp, side sign, door handle, roof luggage rack and so on are all equipped with atmosphere lamp system, which not only shows the grade, but also has a higher degree of recognition. Among them, the effect of lighting the roof luggage rack lights at night highlights the Coupe shape of Tanyue X, which has its own sense of ritual for travel, parking, getting on and off.

We can look at it more microscopically. The Audi Q5L dashboard uses a modular fork bar and mixed aluminum design, which is higher in production cost, more complex in process and more sophisticated in structure, but ensures lightweight. The luggage compartment floor mat adopts lightweight honeycomb structure, which is also a typical example, which not only ensures structural toughness, but also reduces weight.

When entering the interior of the new car, we can directly see with the naked eye a large number of leather materials covering the dashboard, the door panel frame and the front middle handrail, supplemented by chrome strips and red silk stitches to embellish. so that the exquisite sense of the whole interior can be presented to the maximum extent. And this kind of material is also applied to the seat, not only in the visual level, but also in the comfort has a very good guarantee. In the construction of the sense of science and technology, the inch central control screen on the center console with liquid crystal dashboard, the sense of science and technology is full. In addition, the Jetta VS7 two-year customized version is also equipped with wireless charging function, seat layout, but also in the same class in the car interior space is more spacious, even the rear leg space will not feel cramped. For the rear passengers to create a better visual environment and a good ride experience. The interior space of the luggage compartment is relatively regular, the longitudinal depth is very good, the expansibility is high, and the overall space performance is ideal.

For women, the importance of luggage is self-evident. What is it like to have a bag that is unique in the world? On March 2, 2022, more than a dozen environmentally friendly and fashionable bags appeared.

In the aspect of building an industrial consumption system, the Development Plan requires that fashion consumption be strengthened, based on characteristic industries such as textile and clothing, daily cosmetics, jewelry, luggage and leather goods industry, build a full fashion consumption chain of “clothing, makeup, jewelry, luggage and leather goods”, strengthen automobile consumption, and promote the integration and symbiosis of automobile industry clusters in the north, east and south with automobile service clusters in the old city. Promote household consumption and start the consumer brand of “Guangzhou Custom Furniture”.

American version of BMW X5 interior reveals elegant temperament, head-up display system, navigation, cruise speed and other rich information can be projected on the glass directly in front of the driver, convenience upgrade. Carefully set up lockers and dashboards can provide you with ergonomic convenience. The luggage compartment space remains the same, and buyers can get 620 liters of space if they put away the seats in the back row.

When traveling or traveling by air at work, insulin should be packed into the bag carried by the patient, and it is best to carry an incubator with you. Insulin is usually not allowed to be checked with luggage, because the temperature in the check-in cabin is too low and the shipping temperature is often below the freezing point, which will denature the insulin. If you travel by air and have the need to consign insulin, it is recommended to consult the airline in advance to be foolproof.