scented tea, ginseng tea, coffee , soup, Tremella, dessert

scented tea, ginseng tea, coffee , soup, Tremella, dessert

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They set up an official account online, and then irregularly share some Nordic life, a variety of Nordic cultures, send you a variety of Nordic practical information, through these practical information continue to transform users to buy products, at the same time set up an online micro-store, what is sold on it? Sell household furniture, sofas, fashion products, some stereos, digital earplugs, cups and plates, coffee beans, coffee cups, even bags and socks, and even health products, etc., a completely Nordic style.

The bazaar is a form of commerce and trade in the agricultural era, and the modern metropolis has given it a new meaning. On the evening of May 3, the Spring LIFE picnic market in Haikou Nth Power Park was held again, which is the third day of the event, and the scene is still hot. On the stage, the band is singing passionately, off the stage, self-made handbags, freshly brewed coffee, cultural books and other booths have attracted many young people to come “shopping.”

October 26, Beibei, Chongqing. Professor Duan Yuchuan of Southwest University handed out oranges to more than 100 graduate students during his lecture. According to photographer Zhang, Professor Duan will bring gifts in every class. He has sent tea and coffee before. last week he mentioned that the oranges were ripe, so he brought two large bags of oranges to the students this week. ” Everyone has it, just more than a few. Everyone thinks Mr. Duan is very interesting and is looking forward to his class. Netizen: such a warm and interesting teacher is really a treasure! Return to Sohu to see more

In fact, not only the bag, but also the earrings have been changed. For Yang Mi, of course, this is to show as many beautiful clothes as possible, but in the play, it is obvious that the female host is already elegantly dressed in the coffee shop and fashionable, in order to see the male parents go home to change their clothes, earrings and bags. Is the lawyer so idle?

In addition to the coffee shop being caught fire by Xiao Zhan, the same bag in his video, more than 8000 bags, said that the goods were out of stock. In addition, the clothes worn by Xiao Zhan also became a popular style for a while. From this point of view, although Xiao Zhan did not come out for business for half a year, but his ability to carry goods is still very strong, no one questions his influence now.

scented tea, ginseng tea, coffee , soup, Tremella, dessert

Each button is also very sensitive. The health pot on the right has eight functions of boiling water, scented tea, ginseng tea, coffee, soup, Tremella, dessert and heat preservation, while on the left there is a constant temperature cup, which is about 55 degrees Celsius, which is just right for people to drink. It can be used to heat milk and heat preservation. Drinking warm scented tea in an air-conditioned room is really comfortable ~ the left and right work independently. Scented tea will enter the state of heat preservation after it is boiled. And the display screen in the middle will show real temperature in real time.

On social media, dress bloggers and stars have been attracted by the bright color matching and color mash-up style, releasing a series of “dopamine dress and match tutorials” and cross-dressing videos. Coffee and new tea brands have also quickly caught up with this summer trend, launching “dopamine coffee” and “dopamine tea” products.

A total of 133 completed shopping malls, 25 shopping malls under construction and 65 high-quality stock commercial carriers were introduced and displayed in this investment promotion meeting. It has attracted more than 400 investment operators and retail brands from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Changchun and other places. At the meeting, a total of 12 shopping malls signed contracts with 22 brands, and some brands signed online and other forms, accumulatively introducing more than 100 brand new stores, such as Maluji, Lejing immersion space, Huawei Intelligent Life Hall, and so on. 30% of them are Tianjin first stores. Investment operators such as country Garden, Wanda Plaza, Century Jinyuan Group, Fuxing Commercial Group, Jinjiang Hotel Group, as well as Li Ning, Haier Zhijia, Fairy Stars, Sports and fun City, Luckin Coffee, Baiguo Garden and other brands have expressed a strong willingness to invest, and will continue to discuss with each other after the meeting.