are at ease. I do not use towel s for many years,

are at ease. I do not use towel s for many years,

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On weekdays to take more baths, timely removal of body surface dirt, keep sweat gland pores unobstructed; their own bedding should be regularly dried, the use of ultraviolet light for full antivirus, while regular cleaning to ensure cleanliness. In summer and other sweating seasons, it is necessary to change wet clothes in time to avoid secondary skin damage. For people who have developed sweat herpes, their own cleaning materials, such as towels and pillow towels, need to be handled separately to avoid cross-infection.

Pushing two carts of things and a half-meter-long ticket out of the supermarket to pick up the car in the parking lot, just outside the gate of the supermarket, the supermarket staff stopped us, saying that it was because the amount of our shopping exceeded 500 yuan. so there was a lucky draw with a small ticket, the prizes were large bottles of Coke in the third prize, 100 in cash in the second prize, and some small household appliances gifts such as the first prize electric fans were optional. Then four, five or six is a small thing like towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste, which wins 100% anyway.

The face scarf is very soft and shameless. The baby is at ease. Adults are at ease. I do not use towels for many years, recently a friend recommended this facial towel is very satisfied, the paper is still quite thick, dry and wet are very good. I have a great sense of skin affinity.

There are too many sideline jobs that college students can do! Because college students are more abundant in time first, look at personal hobbies, can set up stalls to sell some things to earn pocket money, for example, when I was in college, I went into a little wool to sell, set up a stall in the university town, very easy to sell! Because college students fall in love more often, many girls knit towels, gloves and so on for their boyfriends. I got into a big woven bag of wool and sold out after two or three days. If you are interested, you can try

Because towels have been used for too long, coupled with human skin stains, a lot of bacteria will be produced over a long time. Putting towels in salt water can effectively kill these bacteria and make towels take on a new look.

The electric towel rack can be installed above the bathtub and on the side of the hand washing table. These locations originally belong to the “abandoned space”, electric towel rack installed in these places, not only make good use of the bathroom space, but also play a good role in heating.

Instead of doing floor heating in the bathroom, add a radiator, now there are towel poles on the radiator, and when heating in winter, you can put some small clothes or towels washed casually on the radiator, which will soon be dry and easy to use.