green fields and picnics. There are always blanket s in the trunk

green fields and picnics. There are always blanket s in the trunk

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When the Bahar picnic blanket is transformed into a “tablecloth”, it brings not only style, but also unexpected tenderness and elegance, depicted as a silhouette of leisure in a slow time.

Newborn babies spend a significant amount of their time sleeping, so why not help create a peaceful slumber environment? Assemble a sleep-themed gift basket featuring soft and comfy sleepers, receiving blankets, swaddles, and a cozy baby pillow. Consider adding some soothing sleep sounds or a night light to help lull the baby into a restful sleep.

The temperature of the chimpanzee Meimei and Lili museum was kept above 17 degrees Celsius. In order to prevent the temperature from dropping further, the staff bought new blankets for them to sleep and installed cotton curtains on the lifting door leading to the playground for better insulation. For cold-resistant tropical

Iranians love green fields and picnics. There are always blankets in the trunk of the car and shake off when they find a piece of grass, especially on a long and cool summer night, where the roadside and the river are full of Iranians having picnics. Sit down around the stove, make tea, drink with a sugar cube, cut watermelons or share other fruits, as well as bread (more like cakes in Chinese), Sangak or lavash, on which you touch honey or cheese. On the banks of the Zaindai River in Isfahan, as soon as the heat receded in the afternoon, the Iranians carpeted and sat down, and they were still there in the early hours of the morning. Iranians may not be able to eat dinner at 10:00, which may be how they spend their summer evenings.

In order to speed up the construction progress on the premise of ensuring the quality and construction period, the Lunan high-speed railway project of the second Bureau of China Railway carried out the “Winter attack” campaign in 2020: first, to distribute cotton-padded clothes, cotton-padded trousers, cotton-padded shoes and other cold protection materials to the front-line construction personnel; second, by setting up an insulation shed, laying electric blankets, quilts, and adding heaters to ensure that the heat preservation and maintenance work of concrete after pouring meets the requirements of the code. The third is to arrange full-time personnel such as construction managers, technicians and testers to monitor and control the construction process and later maintenance; the fourth is to set up a maintenance team to be fully responsible for the heat preservation and maintenance of concrete after pouring; fifth, to establish a leadership inspection system, led by project leaders, to inspect the cover of the construction area, the temperature in the thermal insulation shed, the operation of electric blankets and heaters every night.

How to ventilate and dehumidify the greenhouse. We know that the greenhouse needs to control the temperature and properly carry out ventilation and dehumidification, how to carry out ventilation and dehumidification, and how to do a good job in the heat insulation of the greenhouse, when it snows, cold currents and rainy days come temporarily, you can cover the curtain fabric, cotton blankets and heat insulation panels on the roof of the greenhouse, so as to avoid the severe cold of rain and snow, and snow must fall around immediately after snowfall. In order to avoid the drastic decrease of temperature in greenhouse due to snow melting and water volatilization, do a good job of fertilizing vegetables and fruits in greenhouse, and reduce the application of hydrochloric acid fertilizer, ammonium fertilizer, chlorine organic fertilizer, fertilizer and diammonium phosphate. The application of this kind of chemical fertilizer will usually ignite the roots of the soil layer, and it is very easy to destroy the soil texture and pH balance. The application of irrigation has been done very well in the irrigation of vegetables and fruits. It should be shining in the sun.

Proceed from your own needs. Ceramic fiber has good properties of fire resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound absorption, so it must have a clear direction first. For example, low-grade ceramic fiber blankets or fiber cotton can be selected for thermal insulation and sound absorption; fibreboards and modules of the corresponding grade should be selected according to the working temperature of the application environment for fire resistance and thermal insulation; and high temperature protection and fire prevention can choose ceramic fiber textiles and other derivative products.

Immediately after the completion of UHPC pouring, film mulching and moisturizing maintenance. On-site thermal insulation measures give priority to the greenhouse for thermal insulation to ensure that the environmental temperature of UHPC pouring is not lower than 10 ℃. When the greenhouse cannot be set up, the thermal insulation can be carried out by means of built-in electric heating wire, outer electric blanket on the pouring surface, foam polyurethane spraying on the outside of the formwork, etc. The curing time of heat preservation and moisture retention is determined according to the time when the strength of the test block meets the design requirements.